TeenMH.org is a safe space for teens—with real stories, practical advice, and honest information about mental health.

What is TeenMH.org?

  • A free resource designed specifically with YOUth in mind, based on conversations with a diverse group of amazing teens and leading experts

  • Practical information and resources to help young people understand more about mental health in a fun to navigate format that includes many options for entertainment, education, and engagement




Why does it matter?

  • Mental health conditions often begin in adolescence, and our hope is that TeenMH.org will help break down the barriers that prevent young people from seeking help and encourage them to prioritize their mental health.

How can I help?

  • We need your help to get the word out about TeenMH.org to teens ages 13-19 and organizations that work with teens.

Download our TeenMH.org outreach toolkit with ideas for action, printable posters, social media graphics and more.