Meet Our Team

For more information about NAMI Tennessee services please contact us.
1101 Kermit Drive, Suite 605, Nashville TN 37217
(615) 361-6608 | Toll Free (800) 467-3589
To reach our staff, please connect through their email below or dial (615) 361-6608
and use our automated phone system to connect you to their extension.


Jeff Fladen
Executive Director
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David Gumina
Office Manager
Email David

Leah Gray
CIT Program Manager – West TN
Email Leah

Alondra Soto
Peer Programs Coordinator
Email Alondra

Roger Stewart
Deputy Director
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Denise Stewart
Volunteer Education Coordinator
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Joshua Crosby
CIT Program Manager – East TN
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James P. Thornton
Youth & Young Adult Outreach Coordinator
Email James

Susan Ezzell
Finance Coordinator
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Alisa LaPolt
Director of Policy & Advocacy
Email Alisa

Mary Sims
Affiliate Support Coordinator
Email Mary

Victoria Rutledge
Development Director

Kim Rush King
CIT Director
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Wendy Sullivan
Helpline & Affiliate Regional Coordinator
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NAMI Tennessee prioritizes key values critical to serving Tennesseans with behavioral health needs including programs and practices focused on promotion, intervention, and recovery support services which:

•   Encourage co-occurring competent and co-occurring friendly programs;
•   Support culturally responsive and linguistically competent services;
•   Uphold System of Care core values and principles;
•   Aim to prevent and mitigate the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs);
•   Promote trauma informed approaches; and
•   Prioritize evidence-based and/or evidence-informed services resulting in strong outcomes.

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