Want to give your professional staff the opportunity to learn more about living with the effects of mental illness?  NAMI Tennessee is happy to work with you to provide a presentation to meet those needs.  NAMI presenters can provide their unique stories and perspectives as persons living with a diagnosis of mental illness, as family care providers of adults, or as care providers of children.  Presentations can run from 45 minutes to multiple hours.  Subjects may include:

  • An Overview of NAMI and NAMI Programs
  • In Our Own Voice: What it’s Like to Live With Mental Illness
  • The Family Perspective of Living With Mental Illness
  • Overview of Mental Illnesses, Symptoms, and Coping Skills
  • Building Recovery and Resiliency
  • Mental Illness in Families of Faith
  • Clients or People?  Working with Individuals with Mental Illness and Family Members
  • Co-Occurring Disorders:  Overlapping Mental Illness and Substance Abuse
  • Police Training
  • Supporting Co-Workers When Mental Illness Strikes


  • “Create Your Own” Presentation (Design a mental health seminar from 1 to 4 hours)

Schedule your presentation for corporations, faith-based groups, police departments, civic clubs, medical practices, school teachers & other organizations and groups.  [Request a presentation]