b'Our Year in ReviewFrom our NAMI Tennessee PresidentWhat a year!When we all started 2020, it was hard to know what 2020 had in store for all of us.Living throughthefirstpandemicinourlifetime,andthemasking,socialdistancingand inability to see our friends and loved ones in the manner and frequency that we are used to that came along with it, have just been some of the challenges.These challenges of course seem minor when compared to those the families who have lost loved ones to the virus have had to endure.One of the positives of 2020 for me was the fact that I have had the honor of becoming the current president of NAMI Tennessee.I have been in that role since September, so I stillAllen Bartleshave much to learn but with the help of Jeff and the NAMI staff, it was been an enjoyablePresidentexperience. NAMI TennesseeI look forward to the New Year ahead.The COVID vaccine is starting to be administered to the front line health care workers and will soon be made available to everyone.The opportunities for NAMI to continue its work of advocacy for the families impacted by mental illness are vast and I look forward to being part of this important work as we move into 2021.As we began fiscal year 2020, we had no idea what wouldlie ahead. We had no idea of the challenges we would face related to mental health in our communities.We have traveled through the year together and we areproud of the progress we have made .'