b'BUDGETNAMI TENNESSEE NAMI TENNESSEESTATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIESJUNE 30, 2020 JUNE 30, 2020ASSETS Change in net assets without donor restrictions:Cash$143,602Revenues and support: Government grants$559,388 Grants and other receivables167,467Contributions51,201 Investments57,676Vision of Hope_Prepaid expenses6,101Other grants and awards65,000 Property and equipment, net29,936NAMI Walks62,000 CODE film, net5,000Conference41,480 TOTAL ASSETS$409,782Miscellaneous22,265 Investment return2,382 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Member dues1,990 Liabilities: CODE film418 TOTAL REVENUES AND SUPPORT$806,124 Accounts payable and accrued expenses$203,274 Affiliate funds27,711EXPENSES:TOTAL LIABILITIES230,985Program services670,286 Net Assets: Without Donor Restrictions: Management and general44,196Undesignated40,070Fundraising37,619Board designated138,727TOTAL EXPENSES752,101 TOTAL NET ASSETS178,797Change in net assets without donor restrictions54,023 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS$409,782Net assets without donor restrictions, beginning of year124,774 Net assets without donor restrictions, end of year$178,797'