b'THE About 2 MILLION PEOPLE 50% Fwith mental illness are 50% of mental illnessAbegins by age 14CBOOKED INTO JAILS 75% by age 24*T every year75% many because they didnt get theS treatment they needed1 AMERICANDIES BY SUICIDE1 in 4.5EVERY12 MINUTES*American Adultsexperience mental illness In Tennessee, the 2016 rate ofin any given year. suicide for the general publicExperts debate the current number of American adultswas 20.3 DEATHS per 100,000*experiencing mental illness. Whether it is 1 in 4or 1 in 5, NAMI Tennessee is here to help ALL For veterans, the rate wasAmerican Adults experiencing mental illness. 30.5 DEATHS by suicide per 100,000*SCHIZOPHRENIA 986,000 ADULTSusually develops early in lifein Tennessee and costs the U.S. economy HAVE A MENTALan estimated HEALTH CONDITION* $155.7BILLION a year* Thats more than5 TIMESTHE POPULATIONof Knoxville*References can be found at www.nami.org/policystats'