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What can trigger a crisis?

  • High stress event like job loss, break-up, grief, family conflict
  • When mental health symptoms first appear
  • If treatment stops working
  • Changes in medication
  • If you stop taking medication
  • If you abuse alcohol or drugs
  • Lack of sleep

Warning Signs

  • Changes in sleep, appetite, self-care
  • Rapid mood swings, verbal threats
  • Seeing or hearing things
  • Seems out of touch with reality
  • Violent or out of control behavior
  • Talks about wanting to die
  • Has specific plans for suicide
  • Self-harm such as cutting


If you don’t feel safe, LEAVE and call 911.

Call 911, if high risk, for police, crisis response, or emergency medical (EMT).
Risk is high when weapons are involved or there is serious risk of physical harm to self or others.

OR, Call 1-855-274-7471 or Text “TN” to 741-741

For the Tennessee Statewide Crisis Line, a free 24/7 mental health crisis service available across Tennessee.

OR, call the usual mental health provider.

The mental health provider will know the person in crisis and their treatment plan.
They can help the person feel better and get them into crisis care if needed.

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