Collaborative & Proactive Solutions: Fostering the Better Side of Human Nature in Classrooms and Families

Dr. Ross Greene’s evidence-based Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model – as described in his books The Explosive Child and Lost at School — has transformed the understanding of treatment of kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges in countless families, schools, and therapeutic facilities. In his most recent book, Raising Human Beings, Dr. Greene turns his attention to all kids, with a particular focus on enhancing the skills that define the better side of human nature: empathy, appreciating how one’s behavior is affecting others, resolving disagreements without conflict, taking another’s perspective, and honesty. These skills have never been more important, and research indicates that solving problems collaboratively and proactively enhances these skills with any kid. And – despite academic initiatives that have made it harder for educators to be the socialization agents they’ve always been — that’s something that parents and educators have boundless opportunities to teach, model, and practice every day.

Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.
Founding Director, Lives in the Balance