Our new advocacy campaign for mental health
launched with great success!

Thank you to all who participated. 
If you missed our event, recorded sessions are available below for you to review.

It’s Prime Time for Mental Health!

With the pandemic highlighting mental health needs more than ever. We’re putting a new focus on advocacy at the state Capitol. This year, we did things differently:


  • We spread the event over 5 days;
  • Sessions are online from the comfort of your home;
  • Please share our link and continue to bring awareness to our mental health advocacy initiative

In case you missed it.

Recorded on Wednesday, February 17
Becoming a Mental Health Advocate  Speakers: Jeff Fladen, Executive Director, NAMI Tennessee Commissioner Marie Williams, Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Alisa LaPolt, NAMI Tennessee Policy & Advocacy Director Bill Dobbins, NAMI Tennessee governmental affairs consultant.

Recorded on Tuesday, February 23
 Participants will learn to: Speak with confidence; Gain clarity around what they’re seeking; Tell their story in an impactful way. Participants will learn how to condense their story on mental illness, write it on a worksheet, and practice telling the story to the group for feedback.

Recorded on Wednesday, February 24
Words Matter & Social Media Storm Participants will learn to: Take your mental health story and condense into a short, succinct email or social media post. Learn key words that will grab the attention of policymakers. Learn the rules of engagement for social media.

Recorded on Wednesday, March 3
Diversity & Mental Health Messaging with Alisa LaPolt. Understand what members of these groups face when seeking mental health treatment. Learn how these groups are disproportionately affected. Learn why it’s important for marginalized individuals in the African-American and LGBT communities to speak up about mental health issues. Discover what leaders in these communities are doing about mental health in Tennessee.

Recorded on Wednesday, March 10
Young Adult Advocacy Hear why young adults are willing to get involved in mental health advocacy; Learn what college and universities around the state are doing around public policy and advocacy; Brainstorm on ways that NAMI Tennessee can help young adults become part of a mental health movement.

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