b'2022 ANNUAL REPORT|NAMI TENNESSEEAffiliates & Local Support GroupsThis year, NAMI Tennessee affiliates continued to offer virtual support groups and education, but also began to come together more regularly in-person as they found safe ways to do so! Some highlights from our affiliatesNAMI Madison County hosted theWestRegionNAMIWalk atMuseParkinJackson,Ten-nesseeonMay21,2022.They also have monthly educational meetings and support groups.NAMICoffeeCountyhosts ourstatewide,virtualeduca-tionprogramcalledFamily& NAMIOakRidgehelpedtoFriends on every third Tuesday sponsor a back-to-school fair inof the month at 6:30 PM.conjunctionwithNAACPOak Ridge/AndersonCounty.They alsofacilitatedanImproving WorkplaceWell-Beingwork-shop. Across all our affiliates,OVER 2,100 TENNESSEANS attended our221 SUPPORT GROUPS in 2021-2022.For statewide assistance, To find an Affiliate To find a Local Support Group call the NAMI Tennessee in your area, near you, go toResource Helpline go to namitn.org/affiliates namitn.org/findsupport (toll-free) 800-467-3589'