b'2022 ANNUAL REPORT|NAMI TENNESSEEAdvocacy and Awareness2022 NAMIWALKSThisyear,NAMIWalksTennesseereturnedto an in-person format and hosted three regional WalkssimultaneouslyinKnoxville,Brentwood, andJackson.AllWalkswerefollowedwitha familypicniceventwhereallwerewelcomethose wanting to learn about NAMI in their com-munity, those who had been involved with NAMI in the past, those who wanted to come out and celebrate the fight for mental health awareness, and more. NAMIWalkscontinuedtobeoneofNAMITen-nessees largest mental health awareness events of the year, as we cheered each other on while raising our voices to be heard, united in our com-mitment to raise awareness of our cause, raised fundstodriveNAMIsfree,top-ratedprograms,228 participants across 40 walk teams raised over and built community in every sense of the word.$49,000 for NAMI Tennessee and its local affiliates.We advanced our constant goal to open up doors for everyone from every walk of life to have accessWe welcomed many local healthcare providers as to the mental health resources and communityvendors and community partners to better pro-they deserve. vide local resources to Walk and picnic attendees.'