b'LEAVE A LEGACYNAMIsuseofgrassrootsteachersandpresentersmeansthatthosewith experience as a caregiver or living with a mental health diagnosis share what they have learned with others. The new agency endowment allows those who value the work of NAMI to share in a different way, by leaving a legacy gift of caring and support.TheNAMITennesseeAgencyFundisanendowmentfundwhichhasbeen establishedattheCommunityFoundationofMiddleTennessee.Endowment funds are set up by non-profits to ensure that the mission, programs, and services of the organization continue over time. This decreases dependence upon grants and government funding by providing an additional source of income. Because the fund will grow wealth over time and its principal is never spent, the NAMI Tennessee Agency Fund helps us to work to improve life for those impacted by mental illness in perpetuity.The Founders CircleWhenestablishingtheNAMITennesseeAgencyFunditalsoestablishedthe FoundersCircle. While gifts of any amount can be added to the NAMI Tennessee Agency Fund at the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, endowment commitments of $5,000 or more received will be a permanent member of the Founders Circle, with our gratitude for leaving a legacy of caring and support.The NAMI Tennessee For additional informationAgency Fund Founders Circle contact Jeff FladenGilal and Leslie El-Sayad at (603) 785-7110Jane and Dick Baxter or jfladen@namitn.org.Frank and Ann ZingheimJack and Kitty StewartNAMI Tennessee 1101 Kermit Drive, Suite 605 Nashville, TN 37217615-361-6608namitn.orghttps://namitn.kindful.com'