b'WelookforwardtoNAMIspresen-tation at every CIT training. Officers who attend CIT training and hear from our NAMI partners, walk away with usable tools for themselves and their families.Jennifer Boyd,Director of Staff DevelopmentTennessee Department of Corrections2022 Conference Photo of Tommy and Cathy Ferguson (Of-ficers of the Year) with their son Knox.The first CIT State Conference was held on No- havebegunorganizingadditionaldispatcher vember 10, 2021. With over 150 attendees, rela- training classes across the state.tionshipsamongresponders,mentalhealthIn early 2022, the CIT group began working with professionals,andthecommunitycontinuedCRISP Communications who helped design the to develop to help those who may experiencenew CIT logo and is helping expand the CIT mes-a mental health crisis. Multiple first responders,sage.mentalhealthproviders,communityleaders, and programs were honored for their work in ex-panding crisis intervention collaborations across the state.InMay2022,withthehelpofVirginiasCrisis InterventionTeam,NAMIsfirstCITDispatcher Trainingwasheldineachregionofthestate. The 8-hour training allowed dispatchers to gain anoverviewofCITtechniqueswhichcanbe used when answering 911 calls. All participants attended an 8-hour train-the-trainer course and2022 Dispatcher TrainingCIT WorksThanks to funding from the state of Tennessee, NAMI TN is providing FREE assistance to law enforce-ment agencies and communities interested in establishing a crisis intervention team. This includes:nIdentifying and recruiting key community membersand service providersnTraining officers and providing training resourcesnEstablishing CIT protocol and guidelines for your community Want to know more?Visit https://www.namitn.org/cit-works/'