b'2022 ANNUAL REPORT|NAMI TENNESSEECRISIS INTERVENTION TEAMS39 CIT InformationalMeetings with 250+What are Crisisparticipants5 Intervention Teams? New CommunityCoalitions EstablishedCrisisInterventionTeamsarecommunity-basedprograms5 that bring together first responders, mental health profession- Community Coalitionsals, mental health advocates, people living with mental illnessRevitalizedand their families, and other partners to improve community responses to mental health crises, helping to: 10nCreate safer communities 40-hour BasicnIncrease law enforcement & first CIT Training Classesresponder access to resources 229 nSave taxpayer dollars First Responders andnConnect more mental health Mental Healthpatients with treatment Providers TrainednReduce trauma among mental healthpatients and their families 18People Trainedas TrainersWhen we truly know and understand those41we serve, we are most efficient at protectingDispatchersand helping them. TrainedLt. Brandon Floyd46 Clinton Police Department Department ofCorrections StaffTrained'