b'2022 ANNUAL REPORT|NAMI TENNESSEEEducationEducation is at the heart of what we do. It is an essential part of understanding and coping with mental illness. NAMI Tennessee and its affiliates offer a variety of programs and services directed to individuals living with mental illness, family members, friends, professionals, and the community at large to address the mental health needs of Tennesseans. NAMI has taught me ways to open doors to a better lifeas well as learning the importance of giving myself 100% care along with providing care to my child. This was such a well-done presentation. I wish I could have had my entire family on for thissuch an encouragement and a reminder to never give up, even when it feels like hope is lost. I am more confident and hopeful though I know it will take time to show improvements, but I have the resources and manual to helpthe personal experiences of others has given me better insight and helped me understand how to respond appropriately. All the information NAMI [provided] has given meways to a better life and how to do that in a positivemanner and with my childs well-being.EDUCATION in 2020-2021 by theNAMI Tennessee volunteers NUMBERS:spent 670+ hours trainingto becomepresenters, teachers, and advocates to lead NAMI TNs Support, Education, and Advocacy programs.150 Tennesseans attendedour Grassroots Advocacy Trainingsand became empowered advocates for their needs to their legislators.Tennesseans viewed our NAMI TN At Home Live videos for475+ hours on Facebook.'